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In a world in permanent transition, designing the process well allows the process to design the good product We are a strategic consultancy company that helps in the design of brand transition processes Consulting with engagement, thinking with action, using strategy as a tactic Because the role of the idea is to set us in motion, but it is the movement that defines the destiny of the idea  We are guided by a brand's purpose and in line with human changes, aware that the path designs itself as we walk.

transition design
Ronald Kapaz Transition Design - Playground
Suzana Ivamoto Playground

Every company, product or service is in permanent transition. Designing the process is the sophisticated way of dealing with changes in complex and fluid scenarios, such as the ones we live in.

What is

transition design?

our approach

Brand Building

We project a positive strategic north - the design of the journey. We do not start by looking for a solution, but trying to explore all the possibilities that the moment and the pause for reflection opens us up to. Always aiming to enhance the original vocation and build lasting value, for all.

Brand Come True

We step forward to lead the brand transition, helping leaders on the journey from point A to point B, transforming minds and hearts and bringing them together to design the way forward.

what we do

ethnographic mapping


branding & strategy


shared culture

design & expressions


brand committee


value labs

brand building &

brand come true



Playground was born inside Oz Strategy + Design's brand strategy area: that is where, 20 years ago, we started thinking about the whys, prior to design and aesthetics.


In recent years, we have worked to understand more and more people (more than audiences), the world (more than the market) and brands (much larger than companies) - through ethnography, innovation labs and repositioning of business and Design.

with whom

with us



What you will find here is a sui generis combination of "divers": professionals from different backgrounds who share a passion for depth and discovery.

We are not all the same age, but we all had, throughout singular trajectories, the same “revelation”: that it is the depth of the look and the attention to detail that motivates and illuminates us. An affinity that brought us together, building our magical encounter in this particular moment in the world. A moment in which awareness of the value of combining talents as a way to deal with complex scenarios is consolidated, in a world in constant turbulence.


We operate on a talent hub model and, when necessary, involve the specialists in our relationships network, and take care of assembling co-creation teams and building the chemistry and talent squads.

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Laura Corrêa
Head Designer


Gleice Hernandes



Ronald Kapaz


Throughout 40 years of professional practice, I have been able to experience two important personal learning cycles. In the first 20, I tried and learned almost everything that Design can do as a tool for embodying concepts and ideas into shape. In the other 20, I was fortunate to be around the most enlightened minds among Brazilian entrepreneurs, advancing in the learning of the need and power of what comes before Design: a clear understanding of the identity, vision and purpose of companies and services. Today, I have a clear vision of the strength of Design as a way of thinking and acting in the world, and the beauty of being able to draw with your head and think with your hands. Point, line and plane remain my lifelong friends, that gain new power when combined with strategy, where we draw points of view, lines of reasoning and action plans.


Suzana Ivamoto

I started working with brands in an unusual way, which was the desire to understand the contemporary world and people. As a psychologist, I lived my first adventures working with Natura and Banco Real. Two brands that, with the planets aligned at the time - time, place and people - opened my eyes to all the potential that a brand can have. Today, more than ever, I believe in people, in people with purpose, and in embodied purposes in the world - through product, culture, actions, whatever else it may be - to transform and bring value and meaning to people.

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Rua Santonina, 75, Vila Madalena, São Paulo SP

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