A lab of Value


What you will find here is a sui generis combination of “divers”: professionals from different backgrounds who share a passion for depth and discovery.

 We are not all the same age, but we’ve all had, throughout singular trajectories, the same “revelation”: that it is the depth of the look and the attention to detail that motivates and illuminates us. An affinity that has brought us together, creating our magical encounter in this particular moment of the world. A moment in which the awareness of the value of combining talents as a way to deal with complex scenarios is consolidated in a world of constant turbulence.

“Value is a calculation, not a feeling.”

We took this premise, well synthesized by Simon Sinek, as a starting point, and we seek to honor our humanistic essence and our vision on business, value and society, believing that we need to redefine the bases on which we have been working, as a society, if we are to promote the greater good of our community as well as noble and enriching results for everyone. 

Faced with the revolution in digital connection and the arrival of technology as a structural imperative that impacts everything and everyone, we understand that it is necessary to balance the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of businesses, starting by clearly defining a greater purpose - a social reason - and a vision that will guide the good path and success of every human company.

“There is magic in all circumstances

where things create spirit.”

Paul Valéry




A belief

We believe that when the whole world is connected and, for this reason, looks the same way in search for something “new”, it is recommended to look in another direction, calmly and deeply, looking not for the new, but for what really has value.

And value is, always, a human issue.



A lab


Technology, connectivity, IoT, innovation, behavior, culture, social media, consumption, consumer, sustainability, values, purpose...

Monitoring and being aligned with the multiple challenges that currently occupy the agenda of top executives is in itself a great challenge, for everyone, that needs to be considered and addressed.

Having lived and been in touch with a diversity of themes and industries, and been able to observe, with attention, the challenges that arise mainly from the complexity and speed of the context in which we live, we have built a vision and some convictions, which has led us to think about this new project:

  • No one has all the answers anymore.

  • Good answers depend on good questions, which depend on a change of perspective and a multidisciplinary look.

  • In order to build a new perspective, it is necessary to build a “distance” first: a space protected from the pressure of everyday life and designed to promote inspiring reflection.

A laboratory is, in essence, a space detached from everyday life, but destined to understand it better, and created for observation, reflection, experimentation, and discoveries that change our ways of seeing the world.

Every value too.

In a world where technology has been redesigning life, behaviors and businesses, we must combine the power of machines with the value of the human, integrating skills, perspectives, experience and sensitivity.

We like challenges. We like collaborating. We love to discover. We like materializing. We love to share.



Our model


“The meeting of two personalities is like contact

of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction,

both are transformed.”

Carl Jung


The idea of ​​a laboratory came naturally, as a consequence of the observation that in a complex, volatile and fast world, creating value is always a “work in progress” and an invitation to reflection and experimentation.

The idea of a ​​“finished product” gives way to the idea of ​​“world in beta” for the simple reason, as Heraclitus already said, that everything is always in motion, and that it is necessary to adopt a posture of humility, curiosity and generosity in relation to the human being towards whom we are directed, placed once again at the center of the universe and of our attention.

Everything starts and ends with the individual and a clear understanding of this human being’s dreams, desires, fears, needs and values.

For this, it is also necessary to understand the work structure itself as something dynamic and modelable, adjustable to each challenge, and where one seeks to gather the necessary skills and the sophisticated combination – a subtle chemistry – of talents and repertoires that generate value and produce magical results.

The more plural, the more singular.

“There is a voice that doesn't use words.



Three pillars support our “work”: the focus on human value, the principle of everything; awareness of the value of technology as a positive and useful achievement; and the beauty of form and aesthetics, a greater value that connects spirit to matter and integrates thinking with feeling, creating tangible and perennial value.


Playground was born from the strategy area of Oz – it was there that, 20 years ago, we started thinking about the whys – which come even before design and aesthetics.

In recent years, we have worked to understand more and more people (more than audiences), the world (more than the market) and brands (much larger than companies) – through ethnography, innovation labs and the repositioning of businesses.


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