Ronald Kapaz.

Throughout 40 years of professional practice, I have been able to experience two important personal learning cycles. In the first 20, I tried and learned almost everything that Design can do as a tool to make concepts and ideas become tangible through form. In the other 20, I was fortunate to be around the most enlightened minds among Brazilian entrepreneurs, advancing in learning the need and power of what comes before Design: a clear understanding of the identity, vision and purpose of companies and services.

Today, I have a clear vision of the strength of Design as a way of thinking and acting in the world, and the beauty of being able to draw with your head and think with your hands. Point, line and plan remain my lifelong friends, and gain new power when combined with strategy, where we draw points of view, lines of reasoning and action plans.

Suzana Ivamoto.

I started working with brands in an unusual way: through the desire to understand the contemporary world and people. As a psychologist, I lived my first adventure working with Natura and Banco Real. Two brands that, with the planets aligned back then – time,  place and people –, opened my eyes to all the potential that a brand can have. Today, more than ever, I believe in people, people with purpose, and in purposes embodied in the world – through product, culture, actions, whatever it may be – to transform and bring value and meaning to people.

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